4 Delicious & Organic Summer Cocktail Party Drinks!

Shake up your summer cocktail party with these organic drinks that’s sure to liven up your season’s soiree!  Try these delish drinks by Organic Fit Bar.

1) Fresh Berry Rumtini

Luscious and sweet from the berries, mellow and smooth from the rum, the Fresh Berry Rumtini organic cocktail makes antioxidants look and taste amazingly sexy!

2) Organic Blackberry Lemonade Vodka

With a hint of sour and a touch of sweet, the completely Organic “Blackberry Lemonade Vodka” cocktail will put a smile on the face of everyone who drinks it, and not only does it taste amazing, but is a beautiful drink that is a great antioxidant and fat-burner too!

3) Strawberry Blond

The “Strawberry Blonde” organic cocktail has extra special touches that will definitely impress your guests. Between the pink sugar rimmed glass, the splash of champagne, and delicious flavors, this cocktail is the perfect touch that ensures a delightful celebration.

4) Bing Cherry Margarita Madness

To celebrate the short but sweet season of Bing cherry bliss, Organic Fit Bar mixed up a fresh and 100% organic Bing Cherry Margarita. Cheers!

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