3 Ways to Recycle Your Christmas Tree

If you are one of the many families that decided to be more sustainable this year with a live Christmas tree, you might be wondering what to do with it now that the holidays are winding down.  Here are some quick tips for seeing your eco intentions through by recycling your holiday greenery:

Photo credit:
TAPorto on Flickr under Creative Commons

1.  Donate it to your local preservation group to be reused in many
beneficial ways.  Using Christmas Trees, Toronto makes a vaccine,
Tennessee builds better parks, Wisconsin creates biofuel, New Hampshire
improves fisheries, Louisiana saves the marsh, Illinois provides a home
for herrons and that’s just the beginning. 
Find out what your state is doing and get in on the action!

2.  Chop it up and dry out the trunk and branches to create firewood.  Wood can be used in your fireplace and dry branches and needles can be saved for your next camping trip to be used as starter twigs.

Photo credit:
@rild on Flickr under Creative Commons

3.  Re-purpose it in your yard and garden at home.  Branches can cover and protect plants, mulch can provide nutrition and control weeds and the whole tree can make for a nice habitat for birds and butterflies. 

About the Author

Katherine is the owner/designer for Green Diva, an eco-conscious and recycled jewelry boutique.

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