3 Simple Ways To Keep Your Weight Loss Resolution On Track

Post holidays, most of us have some sort of resolve to get our health back in line.  Whether its a full blown weight loss resolution or just a trim-off-the-holiday-gain commitment, we're all looking to sweat off a few extra cals.  However, 2 weeks into the year, some of us may find that our motivation is already slipping.  Don't let it!  You're doing all the right things and you deserve to look fierce and feel great!  So, in that spirit, I'm sharing three simple, but effective motivators that work for me and I hope will work for you too!

1.  SHAKE IT!  My absolute FAVE holiday gift this year was from my oh-so-insightful parents, who lovingly gave my hubby and I a Shake N Take system.  Ok, no, I'd never heard of it before, but I'm sure there's an infomercial about it somewhere.  Anyhow, this thing ROCKS and its way better than The Bullet, which is what we were using before.  It mixes very well and has a built-in straw so that you don't have to mess around with transferring the smoothie to another glass.  Since we've started using it, I SO look forward to getting my workout out done because then I can reward myself with a yummy shake using my new favorite toy.  The best part?  You can drink the shake right from the mixer, so its perfect for when you're on the go.  Check it out at Amazon.

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2.  LOOK HOT.  Let's face it, more of us stay motivated when we're lookin' good.  Check out these smokin' finds for sustainable athletic wear.

Find breathable tops from Boardroom Eco-Apparel at select stores made from recycled polyester, coconut shell and bamboo particles.

Photo credit:  Boardroom 

Show your edgy side with this warm hoodie and sweat pant set from Green Apple. Made of 95% certified organic cotton, it will be soft and flexible when worn.  Now ON SALE for $36 and $27.


Photo credit: Green Apple Eco Active Wear

3.  STAY COOL.  We all know that hydration is critical during your workout as well as afterward, throughout the day.  For myself, I've found that its a whole lot more fun guzzling down water with the sexy new blue leopard print aluminum water bottle I got for Christmas.  A little xx? Sure, but if it keeps me motivated, who cares?  Based on what we know today, stainless steel or aluminum water bottles are better for our health because they don't leak bisphenol A.  Also, they are reusable, which leads to less waste.  HOWEVER, this is what we know today.  I'm not going to say new contradictory research will never pop up, but the best we can do is use the knowledge we have and continue to stay educated, right?

Find aluminum water bottle for as low as $4.99 at Gaiam.  And, PLEASE…if/when you are ever done using it, recycle it.  Metal mining is a leading cause of toxic pollution in the U.S. and does far more harm than the public is aware of.

Photo credit:  Target – Gaiam water bottle

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Katherine DalPra is owner/designer of Green Diva, an eco fashion jewelry brand, and Green Diva Bridal, the first eco-conscious bridal jewelry and accessories boutique in the market.

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