196 Pilot Whales Brutally Killed For Their Meat In The Faroe Islands (Photos & Video)

196 Pilot Whales Brutally Killed For Their Meat In The Faroe Islands

On Wednesday, August 8th, a mass killing of Pilot Whales occurred on the beach of The Faroe Island.  This is not an uncommon occurrence.  According to WDCS, on May 16th 63 pilot whales were killed, on June 5th 125 pilot whales were killed, on July 10th 43 pilot whales were killed and on August 8th 196 pilot whales were killed, bringing the death toll to 427 in 2012 alone.

What gives us the right to do this to other living creatures?

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According to WDCS, The drive hunts, or the grinds as they are known in the Faroe Islands, are an extremely inhumane practice where entire family groups are rounded up out at sea by small motor boats and driven to the shore where they are killed in shallow bays. Once they beach, blunt-ended metal hooks inserted into their blowholes are used to drag the whales up the beach or in the shallows, where they are killed with a knife cut to their major blood vessels.

This is a video documenting parts of the pilot whale hunt having taken place in Sandur, Faroe Islands, on June 5th 2012, with about 120 pilot whales killed.  Filmed and edited by Hans Peter Roth. It seems so natural in this culture that kids play around the animals while the whales are being gutted and the dead fetus from pregnant pilot whales are pulled out and hidden in a yellow container.

Pilot whales, and other species, including bottle-nose dolphins, Atlantic white-sided dolphins and bottle-nose whales, are still hunted for their meat in the Faroe Islands.

You can help: Sign The Petition to End the Faroe Islands’ Whale & Dolphin Slaughter

Source: WDCS

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