10-Year-Old Girl Discovers Supernova (Video)

Kathryn Aurora Gray was just announced as

the youngest person to discover a supernova
by the
Royal Astronomical Society of



"It's just a blowing-up of stars so eventually it will fade away," she said
of the supernova. "I was very excited to find one. Especially this quick."

she tells The Vancouver Sun


With images collected from a telescope by
family friend, David Lane and with the help of  her father, Kathryn spotted
the supernova within 15 minutes of looking at the images.  





Supernovas are stellar explosions that signal the violent deaths of
stars several times more massive than our sun. Supernovas are
interesting to astronomers because they manufacture most of the
chemical elements that went into making the earth and other planets,
and also because distant supernovas can be used to estimate the size
and age of our universe.




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