10 tips for the Green Traveling girl!

Environmentally-Friendly Travel Comforts and Ideas

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Here are some great tips for women travelers who want to stay environmentally friendly while on the road and in the field:

1. Bring tea tree oil

Tea tree oil is an organic "fast fix" for blemishes, and the mosquitoes will stay far away too!

2. Pack unbleached tampons

Dioxin from chlorine and paper pulp are found in bleached tampons and is and one of the most highly carcinogenic (cancer causing) agents. (Dioxin is also a contributor to Agent Orange, the code name for the harmful herbicide used during the Vietnam War). It's a good idea to pack your own unbleached tampons prior to departure as it's extremely difficult to shop for them when you're off the beaten track.

3.Bring snacks that last

Dry fruits, nuts and veggies are great options to take on the road as a healthy snack. Plus, they're great for the digestive tract!

4. Walk

Take pleasure in walking from place to place even if it's sometimes a difficult thing for a gal to do. Exploring can be thrilling and healthy when you're doing it by foot.

5. Conserve water

If you have to do a full-leg shave, use a bucket or fill the sink, and use lotion or shaving cream. Don't take long, luxurious showers and let the water run wastefully.

6. Bring a few canvas reusable bags

A couple canvas bags are useful for carrying goods from local markets instead of wasting plastic bags. What's more, it can be fun and creative to decorate them!

7. Have a few things to give out to the locals

The local women always appreciate receiving small gestures from your homeland – especially anything cosmetic. Cocoa butter lotion and lip gloss make great gifts!

8. Learn some local lingo before heading out

Knowing some key words or some simple phrases in the host country's language makes it easier to get around, get what you need and make friends! iTunes has in-flight languages to download to your iPod!

9. Bring wet wipes!

Be sure to pack biodegradeable wet wipes – they're practical, easy to pack, sanitary – in general, a life saver!

10. Bring some art supplies

They are hard to find elsewhere. Even if you're not an artist, it's always fun to let yourself become inspired by the culture and beauty of other countries and unleash a bit of color on paper. You'll look back at your own art and be reminded of that special moment somewhere far, far away

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