10 Super Food Ideas For Your #SuperBowl Party!

Planning your party for the big game? We know this day is all about junk food and easy to grab appetizers, but if you're looking to add some healthy & nutritional hors d'oeuvre in the mix — We got you covered!

Here is a mix of 10 healthy & delish finger foods.

Tuna Salad with seaweed squares

This dish is great with seaweed squares. Just make a giant bowl and have your guests scoop a spoonful into a seaweed square and you've got instant vegan tuna wrap!

Avocado Crostinis

These are super simple & easy to make, giving you more time entertaining friends & fam and less time in the kitchen!

Three-Herb Pesto Canapés

This impressive gourmet-looking appetizer is a delish raw dish. The combo of cucumber and fresh herbs is so cool and refreshing.

Fingerling Potatoes with Romesco Fingerling Potatoes with Romesco

This vegan dish is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser! Romesco is a classic Catalonian sauce. It’s basically a mixture of roasted red bell peppers, almonds, and olive oil.

Hummus With Pita Points

 We love hummus! The combination of sesame seeds and chickpeas equal a complete protein snack. You can also add slices of cucumbers with the pita point as a carb-free option.

Corn & Pepper Stuffed Tomatoes

Another easy recipe yet so tasty & filling! You can also mix it up by replacing the tomato with baked mushrooms or baked sweet bell peppers. Yum!

Grape Avocado Walnut Lima Bean Salad Sandwich

These can be made into mini hearty veggie sandwiches with a similar meaty consistency as a tuna or chicken sandwich but without the meat. An antioxidant- rich dish everyone can enjoy! Just cut into four and serve.

Veggie Crudite with Lime Green Goddess Dip

It's always refreshing to have a selection of veggies and dip and this color plate is eye-catching and oh so good!

tropikale_stuffed_avocado Tropi-Kale Stuffed Avocados

With a mix of sweet & savory ingredients, this tropical inspired dish makes for a flavorful starter or light meal!

Livin' Live Walnut Red Pepper Pate

Serve this with flax crackers, veggies or on a piece of nori with romaine, sliced cucumbers, red peppers and avocado!

Check out more healthy recipes! Psssst… if you need cocktail ideas, we've got some here too!

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